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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for her

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Not sure what to get her for Christmas? Here's my top 10 gift ideas all from Amazon that she is sure to love!

This post contains Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Christmas shopping can be HARD. What don't they have yet, Do they need an upgrade, Will they like it, or Is this a dumb idea are all things i'm constantly asking myself when gift shopping. Sometimes it can be hard and overwhelming to come up with ideas on your own. But lucky for you, I've pulled together a list of 10 gift ideas that many women would love to receive as a gift. Many of which I have been given, gifted, or know someone who has one.

1. Candles

You can seldom go wrong with candles! And Amazon has a HUGE selection of candles to choose from. My favorites are the from CLCo. by Candle-lite Company and the LA JOLIE MUSE scented candles. Both companies have tons of different scents and sizes and some have super cute containers like the ones linked here! If they are like me, she is sure to get excited over these adorable candles!

2. Forever Rose

Traditional flowers are ok, but they die fast and require work to keep them alive. I personally have never loved getting flowers as a gift. But this Christmas Rose Gift for her, Last Forever in A Glass Dome is absolutely perfect! I think it's 100% adorable and the best part is it never dies! There are other colors to choose from as well so you can customize it to her liking! Oh, and did I mention it lights up too?!

3. The COMFY

This bad boy is the best gift, hands down, I have ever received. If your girl is always cold or loves hoodies, THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT! It's essentially a blanket in hoodie form. With 11 different colors and 2 different styles to choose from, not to mention the sherpa inside, this is the best and warmest wearable blanket I have ever found! I wear my Comfy in the winter, in movie theaters, and even on cold mornings going into work!

4. Bath Bombs

Sometimes after a long day, a nice relaxing bath makes everything seem better. So what better gift to get your hardworking lady than these Handmade Organic Bath Bombs! This pack comes with 6 unique bath bombs all with different relaxing scents. I can feel the relaxation just thinking about it! If you wanna get even more creative, you can make your own bath bombs using this Bath Bomb Mold Set and add in some relaxing essential oils. And BAM, a gift straight from the heart! #ad

5. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid pictures have become increasingly popular again and I too have fallen into the craze. I love my camera and some of the pictures I have taken I will cherish forever! It was super awesome to have on my trip to Hawaii and takes really aesthetic photos! This Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera would be the perfect gift for someone who loves to take cute and aesthetic pictures!

6. AeroGarden

If she likes indoor plants but may not be the best at taking care of them, or loves to cook, then this is a great option. You can grow plants like mint, basil, and even tomatoes to use for fresh cooking! The AeroGarden Bounty Basic makes it easy by automatically feeding, watering, and providing light for the plants. It will even alert you when it's time to add more water and plant food. My parents love their AeroGarden and keep in the kitchen for fresh herbs all the time! #ad

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

I call this the flameless candle 2.0. This diffuser is highly rated on amazon and will 100% leave her house smelling AMAZING. There's tons of different oils you can use, each with different benefits like relaxation or focus. Not to mention it's pretty stylish looking! #ad

8. Foot massager

I'll be honest, this one is a bit pricier... And by a little, I mean a lot! But if she is on her feet all day, then she will really appreciate this gift from you. The Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager massages your feet, ankles, and calves in 3 different settings to improve blood flow and decrease inflammation. And maybe the price isn't such a big deal to you, but I would make sure she actually would use it first!! You would be able to benefit from it as well so it's essentially a win for everybody, right? ;) #ad

9. Customized Jewelry

There are so many ways to go with this idea, but I think a simple yet sweet gift is this customizable necklace! It can say whatever you want it to say, so you can make it special for her. I think it would be awesome if you decided on small gifts, or as part of a larger gift! #ad

10. 3-in-one Charging hub

If she has an iPhone, apple watch, and AirPods, this is the perfect gift! It turns 3 separate charging cords into one charging center! My boyfriend absolutely loves his and will never go back to a regular charger again. It's a perfect solution if her cords are always falling behind dressers or nightstands! #ad

There are so many awesome gifts out there! But the main thing to remember is that as long as it has purpose and meaning, she will love any gift you give her! Comment if you use any of these and tell me their reaction! If you didn't find anything, click this link below for more Amazon gift ideas.

By Kay Morgan | Life by Kay


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