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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for your kids!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Not sure what to get your kids who already seems to have everything? Check out this list of 10 gift ideas your kids will love! (best for ages 7-17)

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Christmas shopping is probably the hardest thing of the season, especially for your kids. It seems like they already have everything, and their wish lists are way too unreasonable. This list is full of gift ideas that can engage the whole family, be personalized to your kid, or be useful to them now and in the future!

1. Spikeball

This wildly popular game is like mini intense volleyball. Teams of two stand across one another with the net in between them. Then they hit the ball at the net to the other team! The point goes to the team that doesn't let the ball hit the ground! It is extremely fun, and can be played with the whole family! This Spikeball Rookie Kit comes with everything you need. Your kids will play for hours, and bonus, it's exercise!!

2. Camera

All of my siblings and myself included wanted a camera at one point in our childhood. I loved taking pictures and pretending I was an amazing photographer. I cried for hours when I broke it. Fast forward 10 years, I just got myself another camera! Inner child satisfied! This Kids Digital Camera by WOWGO is made for kids and is awesome for beginners! It comes in pink and blue, and has stickers for your kid to decorate it with! Your kid will love playing with this camera, and who knows, maybe it will become their hobby for many years to come!

3. Taco vs Burrito Game

This Taco vs Burrito Game was actually created by a 7 yr old, How awesome! This game is perfect for family game night with younger children, they will be so excited to be able to understand, and have fun with the rest of the family. Now you have something to do Christmas evening as well;)

4. Led Lights

This is a staple for TikTok loving teens. My sister is obsessed with hers and turns it to her favorite color of the day! The Led Lights for Bedroom have multiple color settings and can make your kids' room extra cool!

5. Mini Waffle Maker

I was terrible at making food when I was younger and grew up to absolutely hate cooking. But I kid you not, when my mom bought me this Mini Waffle Maker for my apartment, I made waffles every day for a month! First of all, it is absolutely adorable and comes in tons of colors and designs! And second, it is extremely easy to use as the light goes off when the waffle is done. My 14-year-old sister even enjoys using it to make waffles with her friends. I guarantee if I had this as a kid, I wouldn't have hated cooking so much!

6. Neon Sign For Bedroom

These Custom Neon Signs are actually super cool. They are sure to be a hit in your kids' room and make their space an extra special and personalized area! They also would go great with the neon led lights;)

7. Mini basketball hoop

This Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop Set is a great gift idea for your basketball-loving children! Put it in their room or the playroom for hours of fun! This gift is great for multiple kids or only kids! Bonus, this helps with hand-eye coordination skills!

8. The Comfy

My entire family got a Comfy for Christmas one year! Most of us wore it for the rest of the winter! They are essentially a blanket mixed with a hoodie. THE COMFY Original JR is the perfect size for any aged kid, and they have ones for adults too! You can pick different designs, or all get matching ones! It is sherpa lined and super soft and warm, plus it has a giant pocket on the front to keep your hands nice and warm, or, if you're like me, for storing snacks, hehe! ;)

9. Star night light

This Kids Star Night Light projects a colorful starry scene onto your kids' ceiling. It is super cool to look at and is a fun alternative to a regular night light. This gift would also be fun to use at sleepovers!

10. Kids Against Humanity

If you're familiar with Cards against Humanity, Kids Against Maturity is the kid's version! Made for the entire family, this game will be a hit with all of your kids. It is similar to apples to apples, and will definitely get you all laughing!

Most of the time, the best gifts are the ones given out of love! As long as you put real intent and meaning into your child's gift, they will be grateful! Leave a comment if you tried any of these! Didn't find a gift? Check out this link below for more Amazon gift ideas!

by kay morgan | life by kay


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